Thursday, 16 February 2017

Quiller-Couch and World War One

Reading A L Rowse's biography of Arthur Quiller-Couch, the great Cornish academic, novelist and public man whose life spanned the Victorian, Edwardian and modern age.

Quiller-Couch was asked by Cornwall County Council to draft a resolution to mark the end of World War One - it was inscribed in stone as a memorial in what is now 'Old County Hall' (opposite the station in Truro).

The inscription recorded with gratitude the services of all who had helped in the War and commended 'to the remembrance of their countrymen all those who by payment of their lives have redeemed their country.'

Particularly poignant as Quiller-Couch had lost his only son, Bevil, in the War. Bevil fought through four years but tragically ded of fever after marching with his unit into Germany in February 1919.

More ironic, says Rowse: 'They thought that it had been "a war to end war" - and look around at the world since! The historian sees that 1914 initiated a century of war."

More about Cornwall in World War One at our exhibition Heart of Conflict, now open at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.  The Q Fund, administered by the County Council has awarded small grants for literary projects and research in Cornwall since 1945.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Embroidery group visit to the V&A

Great to visit the V&A Museum today with our embroidery group from the Masbro Centre, Hammersmith. We went to see Opus Anglicanum - an exhibition showcasing English embroidery from the early Middle Ages.
Our volunteer Katrina Williams has been working hard at the Masbro Centre with the group on various designs over the past months.  Katrina here pictured far right: huge thanks, Katrina - and to Martha Romero, group organiser.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Heart of Conflict Education Pack - free download

We have produced learning resources to accompany our World War One exhibition Heart of Conflict at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.

You can download free from Bridging Arts - just click on this link. We're indebted to the Royal Cornwall Museum for supplying photography and also to the photographer Hannah Wright, who worked as a volunteer on the project.

The Royal Cornwall Museum will be holding educational workshops throughout the exhibition using the resource. For more information, please contact the Education Officer Liz Shepherd on 01872 242785.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year from Bridging Arts

This isn't a New Year's photo - but a lovely festive picture of Christmas at the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital in Truro a 100 years ago. This emergency hospital was set up in the old work house on Tregolls Road in Truro to cope with the wounded and injured from World War One.
Everyone has made such an effort to create a cheering atmosphere - despite the circumstances - in the very best spirit of Christmas.

A very Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who helped, volunteered and worked on our projects over the past year.

Our World War One exhibition Heart of Conflict is at the Royal Cornwall Museum until the end of June 2017 - so plenty of time to go and see that.
Also in Cornwall - Max Whetter's winning deck design is on sale now at Roots Skate Store, A perfect present for a keen skater.
In London -we'll be working in January with elderly people in Hammersmith and visiting the V&A to see a special embroidery exhibition.
And.....we'll announce the winner of our competition for an African Headwrap! Here's to 2017.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Cornish skateboarder Max Whetter – who flips burgers to finance his art – has won this year’s Whatever It Takes competition for a new skateboard design with a tower of burgers, buns and relish reflecting his life in the kitchen.

Max, 27, was born in Truro and now lives in Newquay. “The reason that my drawing is based on food is that living in a Cornish seaside town, half of my time is spent working in kitchens cooking burgers for tourists on holiday,” he says. “The other half is spent skateboarding. So a food-based deck design seemed appropriate to me.”

Max started to sell his drawings on the internet earlier this year to raise enough money to buy a new skateboard. He also entered the Whatever It Takes competition – getting a free trial of Photoshop from the internet and learning how to use it via Youtube videos. He is now developing his art at Cornwall College.

“We were so impressed by Max’s design,” said Susan Roberts, Director of the charity Bridging Arts which ran the competition with Roots Skate Shop in Camborne. “It was brilliantly executed and wittily tells the story of his life in Cornwall.”

The design has now been printed on to boards which are on display and for sale at Roots Skate Shop.

“This competition is really important because it gives artists a different way in which they can express their creations,” says Roots owner Tom Hudson. “Hopefully it will inspire kids in the future. I’m stoked to be able to display the boards here.”

The background....

Whatever It Takes – a competition for skateboard design - is run by Bridging Arts in partnership with Roots Skate Shop in Camborne.

It was launched in 2012 with the support of skateboarder Nick Jensen. An exhibition of the winning boards was held at Heartlands, Pool, near Camborne. A selection of boards by professional artists who contributed to the project is now on display at Roots Skate Shop.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Heart of Conflict opens in Truro

 Great to see so many old - and new  - friends at the opening of Heart of Conflict in Truro at the Royal Cornwall Museum. The exhibition will be open until the end of June 2017. Wonderful to have so many stories and objects on display.

Heart of Conflict will run until 30 June 2017 at the Royal Cornwall Museum, River Street, Truro, Cornwall TR1 2SJ. Tel: 01872 272205. 

For more information email

Museum opening times over Christmas and the New Year: 
The museum will be closed 24th-27th December and the 2nd January. Normal opening hours are Mon-Sat 10am-4.45pm. Last admission 4pm. Open Bank Holidays. Admission charge £5.50 (including a £1 voluntary donation). Free for Under 16s.